Handstand Workshop with Ulrik on Hands

Ulrik on Hands

So., 26. November 2023 10:00 – 16:00
Mit Ulrik Ask Fossum
Raum Maxi
Kat. Handstand

Join Ulrik in one of the upcoming handstand workshops! There will be 2 workshops for different levels.


Sunday, November 26
10:00 – 12:30

Have you always wanted to do a handstand, but are not sure where to start? Or maybe you can do a handstand but the balance is inconsistent? Ulrik are teaching a two days beginner’s handstand workshop and training session in which you will learn the best and most effective drills to balance on your hands and be able to practice with feedback. By the end of this workshop you will have a better idea of how to train smarter so that you balance a freestanding handstand.

– Understanding of the handstand practice
– Mobility for proper handstand alignment and efficiency
– How to create balance
– How to kick-up into a handstand
– Introduction to different shapes
– Relevant beginner handstand drills and exercises
– Individual training with feedback
– How to apply this to your regular training
– Summary and Q&A

This workshop is best suited for people who are inconsistent with 10 seconds + freestanding handstand, or want to improve their form and understanding of the practice. There is no prereqs.


Saturday and Sunday, November 25 and 26
13:30 – 16:00

Have you already practiced handstands for a while, but are not sure what to do next? Maybe you want better alignment, a longer hold or the ability to make shapes? Or maybe you want to learn the steps to a press handstand? Join Ulrik for an intermediate handstand workshop.

This workshop is perfect for people who already have a freestanding handstand and are ready to bridge the gap from a beginner to intermediate handbalancer. Ulrik will cover a variety of topics to help you improve your balance, hold a longer handstand, make shapes and optimize your form for a better and more consistent handstand. And learn how to press into it.

– Understanding the handstand practice
– Joint preparation and mobility
– Alignment refinement
– Kick-up practice
– Tuck, half 7 and full 7
– Shape coordination
– Pike, pancake and compression
– Press drills
– Individual training and feedback
– How to apply this to your regular training
– Summary and Q&A

This is for you who have already spent a decent amount of time on your hands and are ready to move on to more advanced two arm shapes and work towards a press. It’s fine if you are not able to do every progression in this workshop. You will still get value from learning about what comes later in your practice if you stay consistent with the training.


Both days: CHF 220 / One day: CHF 140
Beginners workshop: CHF 140
Bundle for all workshops both days: CHF 390

To complete your registration, please pay the course fee USING THIS LINK.

Until 10 November: Full refund.
From 11 to 17 November: 50% refund.
From 18 to 25 November: No refund.


The workshop will take place at the Laboratorium, Binzstrasse 38 in Zurich.


I am a self-thought Norwegian 31 year old handbalancer who started training handstands in my early 20’s. I started out stiff, lazy and afraid of kicking up into a handstand, and can relate to the many struggles in learning this skill.

I have worked as a personal trainer since 2013 and have coached handstands in workshops world wide, 1on1 and online since 2016. I have seen and helped many hundreds of people to achieve their handstand goals.

Feel free to check out my instagram: @ulrikonhands or my web page: www.ulrikonhands.com

«I’m happy because you teach me to trust in myself and unlock my situation of stagnation. You know what is needed, not only physically but also mentally for this process.»

«The incredible attention to detail and very helpful/descriptive feedback. This really helped me troubleshoot things I was doing wrong and understand how to adjust and correct them. Also the way feedback is delivered, always in an honest but positive and kind way which shows that you want to help and want people to improve. You’re very encouraging and demonstrate a great passion for coaching which has really helped me to feel confident.”

«I found Ulrik on Instagram and found his post both humorous and inspiring. I decided I wanted to become a student of his to finally achieve a one arm handstand, after a year of failing on my own. Fortunately, Ulrik is a phenomenal coach and forced me to address my inability to do various handstand shapes (and the dreaded press handstand, which is now not very bad) that form the foundation of strength in a one arm handstand. While I am still working on a one arm, I now have a clear path towards my goal.»

«Ulrik is the best role model for me. He practices what he preaches. His actions talk and he follows it up with great care and coaching. He is really working with you (Celebrates some victories with you. Challenges and pushes me when I need a push). He is always spot on with feedback, cues and criticism.»

«All in all a great coaching style because he practices what he preaches and he knows exactly what your struggle with because he has been there himself (self-taught handbalancer in his adult years).»