Locomotion & Animal Moves Workshop

Animal Moves Workshop

Sa., 3. Dezember 2022 11:00 – 13:00
Mit Leandro Fornito
Raum Maxi
Kat. Functional Training

In this two-hour workshop Leandro moves us in animal like flows. We will explore the rooms of the Laboratorium with locomotion patterns which you will be able to connect into nice flows. We improve coordination, mobility and increase our strength, depending what your body needs. In this playful workout you hardly notice how much you are challenging yourself and go beyond your own limits. The workshop will expand your movement horizons and is open for every level.

With his unlimited imagination and constant search for new, playful and challenging moves, Leandro has made a name for himself. We are delighted to offer you another workshop with LeoMoves.

Level: Beginners to advanced
Price: 59 Fr. (49 Fr. for members)
Registration under: hallo@laboratorium.cc

The number of participants is limited to 15 persons.
The workshop will take place at the Laboratorium, Binzstrasse 38 in Zurich.