Flexibility Course

+ Flexibility course

So., 13. November 2022 11:00 – 16:00
Mit Tom Merrick
Raum Maxi
Kat. Mixed

Two day intensive strength + flexibility course

Day 1: Bodyweight Strength (Saturday)
You can’t go wrong with getting strong! Learn how to develop high level bodyweight moves such as the handstand press, plank and front lever. On this intensive day, we will:

– Practice core progressions to develop your handstand press, plank and front lever
– Establish a strong foundation of bodyweight training fundamentals
– Explore a variety of methods for creating strength efficiently
– Learn how to target weak links and ensure protection of your joints
– Work on programming and implementation to enable further progress

Level: Some experience in bodyweight training required

Day 2: Flexibility (Sunday)
Learn how to train and achieve fundamental flexibility patterns such as the front split and pancake. On this intensive day, we will:

– Explore different methods for developing flexibility
– Learn how to assess our flexibility restrictions
– Understand how to build flexibility through the entire body
– Develop the 5 core patterns of bridge, pike, front split, middle split and pancake
– Master techniques and drills to improve progress
– Work on programming and implementation to enable further progress

For all levels

Tom Merrick is the founder of the Bodyweight Warrior YouTube channel with over 750k subscribers and 70m views. Over the years Tom has produced content, worked with athletes and taught workshops internationally. He is dedicated to helping other people achieve their bodyweight, handstand, and flexibility goals. His passion lies in teaching and sharing the tools to realise the strength and flexibility that people are capable of.

2 day pass: CHF 299
1 day pass: CHF 169

Courses will take place from 11:00 – 16:00 with one hour break

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