Mindful Motion: The Art of Conscious Movement

Two-day workshop
08 + 09 Juni, 2024
Saturday 9h - 17h and Sunday 9h - 15h

Laboratorium Zurich, Binzstrasse 38, 8045 Zürich

Early bird*: 199€ for both days
Normal Price: 249€
*limited amount of tickets available

Cancellation Policy
After May 7th 2024: no refund

What to expect

About the workshop
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and conscious movement with our transformative workshop - 'Mindful Motion: The Art of Conscious Movement.'
In our two-day workshop tour in 2024, immerse yourself in the exploration of your body's untapped potential.
Learn how to move with more ease & suppleness, improve your coordination & balance, expand your movement vocabulary, challenge your creativity while exploring how to move in the most efficient way.
Discover the power of intentional movement as we guide you through the intricacies of improved body language and the unspoken art of expression.
As we value human connection in this journey, our workshop encourages communal learning, fostering an environment where you learn not just from the instructor but also from fellow participants. This shared experience promotes collective growth and understanding.
This workshop is designed for all—from seasoned movement practitioners to complete beginners. Whether you're a yogi, athlete, dancer, or simply someone seeking a deeper connection with your body, 'Mindful Motion' is for you.

Join us for a special experience where each movement becomes an act of self-discovery, unlocking strengths you never knew you had. Our workshop goes beyond training; it's a transformative journey that cultivates awareness, intention, and the synergy between your physical and mental being.

About the location

Laboratorium is an urban gym in the city of Zurich with a focus on calisthenics, handstand, functional training, mobility training and movement in general.