Workshop with LeoMoves

Full Day Workshop

6 April, 2024
Saturday 10:00 – 17:00

The workshop is open for every level and will give you a great insight into Leo's philosophy of moving and training.

About the event

Bodyweight by LeoMoves
I will share my philosophy and uniquestyle of bodyweight training with you.
3 dimensional movements inspired bydisciplines such as breakdance,breakletics, gymnastics and more willchallenge your strength, mobility andcoordination. You will get introduced tobasic elements which we will combine,evolve and play around with to createcool combos.
Handstand and other inversions
Being able to stand on the hands is afascinating thing. Body awareness, balance,strength and more elements have to cometogether to master the handstand. I willshare my knowledge about handstands withyou to bring you closer to your goal. We willalso have a look at other hand balancingelements and If wished I give inputs to moreadvanced forms such as handstand press orone arm handstand.
Partner work
Use a partner to become a better mover and have fun! I will show you differentways how to use my moves with a partner to make moving fun and challenging atthe same time.
Push-ups feel boring? Want to have strong legs in unusual angles? Let me showyou new variations that will level up your game without using additional weight.
Being strong and flexible at the same time. This is what I aim for. Let me show youexercises that helped me with my upper body, front splits, middle splits and pancakes.

The Location

Laboratorium is an urban gym in the city of Zurich with a focus on calisthenics, handstand, functional training, mobility training and movement in general.