Workshop with Sondre Berg

Two-day workshop
Strength, mobility and skills for hand balancers and movers.

15 + 16 June, 2024
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 15:00 (one hour break)

Recommended pre requisite
Wall assisted handstand, comfy with pushups.

CHF 250.00
The maximum number of participants is 15.

Cancellation policy
Until May 18: full refund / between May 18 and June 8: 50% refund / after June 8: no refund.
* After paying the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email.

About the workshop

Handstand pushups from beginner to pushing beast
Pushups to handstand pushups, 90 degree pushups and other variations.
Straight arm strength and skills
Tuck planche – straddle planche. Press to handstand from beginner to advanced.
Applied Back bending and upper body mobility
From back bridges to hollowbacks, side bends + other skills. How to train, progress and learn cool skills.
Soft acrobatics, arm balances and strength flows
How to use strength and individual skills to create flow and express creativity.
About Sondre
Sondre Berg has been exploring, researching and training bodyweight strength, handbalancing, acrobatics and other loosely defined movement terms for nearly a decade. Since 2015 he has coached both adults and youngsters, from those who never did a pushup to strong athletes in need of technical training. He has taught handbalancing, bodyweight strength, adult gymnastics, and various acrobatic movement forms. Through his variety he developed his own approach to coaching and is ready to spread the message to the world.
* After paying the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email.

The location

Laboratorium is an urban gym in the city of Zurich with a focus on calisthenics, handstand, functional training, mobility training and movement in general.