Workshop with Tom Merrick

Two-day workshop
Strength + Flexibility

14 + 15 September, 2024
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 (one hour break)

Suited for all levels

Two day pass: CHF 349
On day only: CHF 189
The maximum number of participants is 20.

Cancellation policy
Until Aug 20: full refund / between Aug 20 and Sept 1: 50% refund / after Sept 1: no refund.
* After paying the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email

About the Workshop

DAY 1: Bodyweight Strength & Flexibility Fundamentals
You can’t go wrong with getting strong (& flexible)! Improve your movement quality for bodyweight patterns and achieve the 3 flexibility fundamentals; shoulders, squat and pike.

SESSION 1: Bodyweight & Scapula Strength

- Scapula education & positions
- Build upon the fundamental patterns; chin up, row, dip, push up and HSPU
- Explore a variety of methods for creating strength efficiently
- Learn how to test and target weak links

SESSION 2: Fundamentals of Flexibility

- Assessment of hip & shoulder flexibility to establish limitations
- Learn how to achieve the basic human patterns: open and articulated shoulders, deep squats and full forward fold
- Understand all types of flexibility and methods of training
- Q&A time + Programming
DAY 2: Big 5 Flexibility
Build on the fundamentals from day 1 . Learn how to train and achieve the big 5 flexibility patterns; front splits, middle splits, bridge, pancake and pike (covered on day 1).

SESSION 1 - Bridge & Front Splits

- Understand and breakdown “compound” flexibility positions
- Assess limitations for bridge and front split
- Introduction to advanced flexibility training techniques
- Full hip flexor stretching progression to front split
- Complete shoulder range development for full bridge

SESSION 2 - Pancake & Middle Splits

- Middle split and pancake hip assessment
- Technique breakdown of middle split correctly
- Assessments to determine individual restrictions and drill selection
- Full hip stretching progression to middle split
- Q&A time + Programming
Tom Merrick
Tom Merrick is the founder of the Bodyweight Warrior YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and 100 million views. Over the past decade, Tom has produced content, worked with athletes and taught workshops internationally. He is dedicated to helping other people achieve their bodyweight, handstand, and flexibility goals. His passion lies in teaching and sharing the tools to realise the strength and flexibility that people are capable of.
* After paying the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email

The location

Laboratorium is an urban gym in the city of Zurich with a focus on calisthenics, handstand, functional training, mobility training and movement in general.