«Movement is Medicine»


Sa., 26. August 2023 9:00 – 17:00
Mit Karimu Samuels
Raum Maxi
Kat. Mixed

Do you want to understand and master yourself on a deep physical and mental level?

Do you want to move better, recover faster and practive your sport without mobility limitations or pain?

In this workshop you will understand to perceive your body in a better and more conscious way and learn the function behind a movement. This workshop is designed to help you identify, understand and address the movement limitations that may be hindering your everyday life as well as your individual sports.


• You’ll learn about the importance of movement and how it relates to your everyday activities.
• I will help you identify areas of weakness and imbalances through functional movement patterns & assessments.
• Receive exercises to improve your personal movement patterns, free your body and reduce pain.


Whether you are an experienced movement practitioner, yogi, complete (movement) beginner, professional athlete, dancer, fitness enthusiast or trainer – if you want to get a better understanding of your body and its functions and bring back more suppleness, coordination, balance and efficiency to your body – this workshop is for you.


• to understand what it means to move your body in the most economical, organic and efficient way!

In this workshop you will learn to work efficiently with your body and develop a feeling of lightness. Playful approaches, theoretical knowledge as well as methodical approaches are the basic building blocks. How do you create an understanding in your body and master yourself?

Movement is universal and ubiquitous! If you understand how to implement the essence of Movement, you can EASILY apply it to any field of your choice.


Karimu Samuels is a renowned movement coach from Berlin (Germany). As a movement specialist he worked with professional athletes like the WIBF Flyweight World Champ Alicia Holzken, the WBC „prospect of the year“ & international Boxer Sophie Alisch, Judoka from the german national team, MMA Fighter, professional dancer and many more. Along the way, he taught his knowledge of applied clinical and exercise physiology at a university as a lecturer. Karimu will help you to understand how your body is designed in it’s origin by learning new movement patterns, which will ensure an improvement of your body’s consciousness. You’ll learn how to move your body as efficient as possible, which will recruit all your muscle fibres and possibly unknown muscle groups in order to move more pliable and graceful.

CHF 150

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The workshop will take place at the Laboratorium, Binzstrasse 38 in Zurich.