Softacro & Movement Workshop

Movement Workshop

Sa., 11. März 2023
So., 12. März 2023
11:00 – 17:00
Mit Lukas Flint
Raum Maxi
Kat. Mixed

About the workshop
In this Workshop, I present my concepts and approaches toward soft-acrobatics / acro-dance. We research and integrate continuity and agility in movement on one hand, and will focus on a selection of specific skills on the other. We explore elements from the areas of floor-work, acrobatics, the art of falling, dance and capoeira. Some tasks are of abstract nature to leave room for interpretation and boost creativity, while others are clearly instructed and aim to improve a selected skill. Through the concept of isolation, integration, and improvisation even complex skills become easy to understand. We dismantle them like a puzzle, to be able to understand and integrate them afterward into the whole.

About Lukas
I enjoy experimenting with various forms of movement such as handbalance, acrobatic dance, climbing, contact improv, and gymnastic-ring-strength. What fascinates me about the subject of movement is the freedom from dogma and the holistic understanding of the body that arises across disciplines.
I am a full-time acrobat, dancer, and coach with almost 15 years of experience in strength and functional training, as well as artistic training in ground and aerial acrobatics. Supplementary subjects such as pantomime, ballet, acting, anatomy, and contemporary dance have helped me broaden my perspective on movement. I love to be in direct contact with people, and experience the process together.

Open Level – it is best if you have some movement experience and are open to new movements. Some tasks are skill-unspecific and therefore applicable to any level, while the group can be divided into smaller groups if some people are faster with the skill-specific material

Dates and Time
Saturday, 11th March and Sunday, 12th March.
From 11 am until 5 pm (one hour break).

Register by email.

2 Days CHF 280 / early bird* CHF 250
1 Day CHF 160 / early bird* CHF 140

*booking until 8th February